Our comprehensive set of services incorporate:

  • Debt Advice: If you wish to live a financially sound life, debt advice is for you. When under a debt and confused about what to do and what not to, contact Debt Solutions Ltd. 
  • The Team would assist you with:
    • Going through your financial status
    • Understanding your inability to pay off the debt
    • Walk through the available debt management options
    • Helping you formulate a tailored budget
    • Developing an action plan and implementing it
  • Debt Management: Be it a credit card debt or other financial obligations, helping you get rid of it is our only motive. With your consent, our experts would contact the creditors on your behalf. If they agree to the proposed plan, BINGO! You’re there. Just a matter of some more time and the debt would be completely off your shoulders.
  • The agreed-upon plan would help you in:
    • Steering clear of the nagging creditor calls
    • Probably lowering the interest rates for repayment
    • Reducing the monthly installment to an extent
    • Waiving off the late delay fees if any
  • Student Loan Guidance: You may have taken a certain amount of loan for your studies. But with time if you realize that paying off this loan is something you can’t afford. Refer to student loan counseling by Debt Solutions Ltd.

An expert would help you with:

  • Review your student loan in depth
  • Look at the interest that has been incurred through the years
  • Drawing out of a repayment plan that suits your financial condition
  • Negotiating with the creditor on your behalf
  • Implementing the mutually agreed upon plan
  • Bankruptcy Counseling: Sometimes filing for bankruptcy could be the only solution left. But would it be really helpful? Contact us and we’ll help you with expert advice. In case you have filed for bankruptcy, our counseling can help you learn the process.
  • An expert would help you with:
    • Understand your financial condition and financial liabilities
    • Working through a customized budget
    • Explain how bankruptcy could affect you
    • Offering you alternatives other than bankruptcy
    • Implementing the agreed upon plans